Coronavirus pandemic: A rapidly evolving virus impacting the lives of several individuals


A virus is spreading all over the world and is causing death, fear, and confusion in the mind of several people. A lot is known about the virus; still, many mysteries need to be unfolded by the researchers. Coronavirus is not here to stop; it is causing troubles and making the life of several people off the track. Without a potential vaccine (except the one developed in Russia), the COVID-19 pandemic is hovering across the world. Misinformation is also being disseminated through various mediums that are reaching the developing minds of the countries. Various countries are scaling up the process of testing; still, many more efforts are required to deal with this virus. Active cases are rising all over the world. An increase in the daily number of deaths is causing trouble to several leaders of the nation. Testing, tracking, and isolation are three prominent measures implemented across the nation for controlling the community spread of the virus. We have achieved significant results, but still, several more efforts need to implement to overcome this life-threatening virus.

Coronavirus Testing:

A lot of technologies and diagnostic methodologies are underway to confirm COVID-19 infection in asymptomatic and infected patients. THE real-time PCR based method is the gold standard protocol that is being followed in the country for the confirmation of suspected and asymptomatic cases. Serological testing which comprises the detection of coronavirus antibodies in the body; also inform the person regarding prior exposure to COVID-19 infection. This mode of testing is being preferred for the purpose of surveillance in the hotspots and containment zones of the nation. Both methods of testing are being used diligently in different regions of the country to speed up the process of testing.

Real-time PCR based testing is conducted using different kits available in the market. One of the kits, known as Viral Dtect Kit, manufactured and marketed by Genes2me, is having exceptional testing sensitivity and accuracy in results. The kit is also compatible with top-notch Real-time PCR machines available in the market. Multiplexing, the inclusion of positive and negative control, single tube design, and validation from ICMR are some additional features associated with the kit.

Now, to perform RT PCR, the virus sample needs to be transported carefully from collection sites to the processing laboratories. Here also, Genes2me marks the way by providing ICMR –NIV validated Viral transport kit for the transportation of virus samples from the collection site to the designated COVID-19 laboratories. The kit is accompanied by VTM (Viral Transport Medium), which provides optimum storage conditions and has antibiotics to prevent the growth of unwanted micro-organisms.

RNA Extraction and purification from the virus is the first step to perform Real-Time PCR protocol. This process is also made easier by Genes2Me as it provides a Viral RNA isolation kit for this procedure. The kit provides reagents that help in automatic as well as manual extraction of RNA. Carrier RNA is also included in the kit, which enhances the quality of eluted nucleic acid. The kit is based on magnetic nanoparticle technology that allows >95% recovery of viral RNA from the sample. The kit is indigenously made “Make in India” and is accredited by ICMR-NIV with certifications from ISO and GMP.

COVID-19 Impact:

Coronavirus has impacted the lives of several people living across the world. Most of the economies have recorded negative GDP and are struggling with high unemployment rates. Salaried professionals are being laid off from the jobs or have received significant pay cuts in their monthly salary. The virus causing COVID-19 has also impacted the rural part of the country. People cannot travel to their hometown and cannot afford even three meals a day. The economy has been shattered due to lockdown implemented in various parts of the world. Some countries are now unlocking their economies by finishing the lockdown; still, a lot needs to be done to regain the economy and bring back the happy lives of the people.

This does not mean the pandemic has ended. The pandemic is still there and is here to stay. We have to follow social distancing and wear masks in public. We should try to avoid public gatherings and also wash our hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. We should be concerned about our families and protect them from this virus by following the guidelines and precautions issued by the government. A small mistake can hamper the lives of many people around you.

Stay safe! Stay healthy



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